Moroccanoil Global Ambassador Antonio Corral Calero creates beautiful, trendsetting hairstyles (Bildquelle: © Moroccanoil)

Tel Aviv, Israel (May 14th, 2019) – Moroccanoil, the global leader in oil-infused beauty, is proud to announce a partnership with the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv as the exclusive hair sponsor.

The 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest features contestants from over 40 countries across Europe as well as Australia. Embracing each contestant»s individual personalities and respective countries, Moroccanoil Global Ambassador Antonio Corral Calero creates beautiful, trendsetting hairstyles.

«Each country is unique and very much about expressing themselves individually, but the one commonality amongst them is that they know exactly what they want. Moroccanoil is here to empower them and add a touch of glam to their natural looks to make them feel confident before going on stage,» says Calero. «The general feel is urban tribes mixed with modern, fresh looks. We»re seeing a lot of fashion-forward looks that will set the trends we»ll see on runways in the near future.»

Calero points out two main hair trends this year: timeless, classic styles and fashion-forward, underground gothic looks.

Star products used to create classic styles include the Moroccanoil Treatment, Dry Shampoo, Volumizing Mousse and Glimmer Shine to achieve soft, bouncy and voluminous waves.

For the underground gothic looks, products including Texture Clay, Dry Texture Spray, Molding Cream and Luminous Hairspray were used to achieve gritty, textured styles.

Ten years ago, a spark of inspiration redefined the hair care industry; a decade later, our passion grows deeper. As the pioneer of oil-infused hair care, our original Moroccanoil Treatment created the worldwide buzz on argan oil and paved the way for an extensive line of premium oil-infused hair care products to address the needs of all hair types. Today Moroccanoil is available in over 65 countries worldwide, and our goal remains unchanged: to empower beautiful transformations and create products that inspire confidence. Moroccanoil products are available at fine salons, spas and online.

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